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Welcome to Dog Bath Tub! We cover the whole spectrum of bathing solutions - ranging from simple dog tubs and pools for home use to professional dog grooming tubs. Plus, we also seek out the best grooming tables, extras, accessories and deals! Our aim is to find the best buys for each individual owner, groomer and, of course, dog!

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Domestic Dog Baths... This page lists those products which are designed with occasional domestic use in mind. These are basic dog bath tubs without too many extras or aids. Even these very simple designs, however, are preferential to the family bathtub: easy 360 degree access is made possible and, for some items, if legs are not part of the design, when placed upon a good sturdy table, of course, a more covenient height can be achieved.

Intermediate Dog Tubs... This page might suit both dog owners and dog groomers alike. These predominantly elevated designs come with the potential for extras to be added, making them much more versatile than a basic dog tub and a world away from the family bathroom! If you have the space to store one of these tubs, the convenience, come the dog's bath time, will be appreciated!

Dog Grooming Tubs... This page is for high-end baths have been designed with professional dog groomers in mind. They can come with a wide range of extras and appliances that make bathing a dog as simple as it possibly can be. The other main feature of these professional dog tubs is their accessibility: ramps, steps and elevating platforms make loading a dog easy. With this in mind, even though these are professional dog tubs, any normal owner that finds it hard or impossible to lift his or her dog might consider one of these items also.
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The Latest Additions to our Listings...

Large Dog Bathtubbathtub for large pets

An alternative version of the well-received ‘Flying Pig’ tub from another vendor. In almost all aspects, apart from the color, this seems to be the same bath – at least very similar! With the aforementioned popular Flying Pig tub being so often unavailable, this could make for a very good stand-in!

Domestic Dog Bathhome use dog grooming tub

The ever popular ‘Flying Pig’ domestic dog tubs have added a new color to their usual light blue and white offerings. As you can see, it’s a nice deep royal blue which some may find more attractive than the originals! Everything else remains the same except for maybe a little variation in price. One thing’s for sure – the reviews are just as good! Probably the best domestic dog bath tub available!

Portable Pop-Up Pet Pools / Tubsportable dog bath pool

Spring-loaded pop-up mechanisms make these neat-looking dog tubs or, possibly, pools easy to erect and take down (no tools necessary). The inclusion of a free mesh carry bag with each tub also aids their portability. They come with a few other added extras such as built-in mesh accessory pockets, a restraint loop and a drainage tap. They are very reasonably priced and the few reviews placed so far are very good!

Dog Grooming Clipper Setgrooming set for dogs

It’s not always easy to find good, affordable dog clippers. These, however, as well as coming in at a very fair price (plus they are currently on sale at the time of writing!) include several nice stainless steel extras. Five sizes of comb are also included as well along with a spare blade. The reviews are very good indeed and for the price they represent good value for money!

Waterpik Pet Wanddog shower wand

Growing in great reviews and popularity, the Waterpik Pro Wand provides a more suitable and convenient showerhead for your pet than the usual domestic setup. With variable scope and power, the Wand comes with adapters for use with your existing shower or outdoor hose. It also comes with a flexible 8’ hose of its own and a limited lifetime warranty! And all of this comes at a very fair price!

Walk-in Grooming Tubwalk in stainless steel dog grooming tub

Our new addition to our ‘Grooming’ page is this sturdy stainless steel tub from ‘OrangeA’. This walk-tub comes with a bunch of extras which few other tubs (with the exception of ‘Flying Pig’ products) seem to want to include! Reviews, so far, are very good and, at the time of writing, the OrangeA is on sale at a fantastic price for a 50” stainless steel pro tub!

Small Steel Grooming Tubsmall professional dog grooming tub

Built with pooches and other smaller pets in mind this compact design from ‘Flying Pig’ has a width of 38 inches and could fit in where bigger grooming tubs can’t. Although smaller, the build of this tub is no less great, being built from solid 16 gauge 305 stainless steel and coming with some nice extras included such as a faucet with hose and sprayer. One thing that is on a smaller scale, however, is the price! A good option for smaller salons or even as a domestic dog tub with the needed facilities at hand.

Precision Pet Grooming Tablepet grooming tables

At the time of writing the ‘Precision Pet Professional Grooming Table’ is available in three sizes – 30, 36 and 48”. It sits upon heavy duty legs and has a smooth, snag and slip-free vinyl surface and surround. Along with a versatile grooming arm and extra wide loop on the larger sizes the Precision Pet Pro has steadily been gaining very good reviews!

Adjustable Grooming Tablesgrooming tables

These tables are built by Master Equipment who appear on a couple of our dog grooming tub pages also. These deceptively simple-looking tables are adjustable in height and feature lever clamps and tension-adjusting screws to lock the chrome and electroplated legs sturdily in place. The height across the whole size range (30” to 48”) can be adjusted from 24” to 34.5”. Popular products with great reviews!

Booster Bath with Stepscheaper grooming tubs for dogs

We’ve been advertising the ‘Booster Bath’ for some time now on Dog Bath Tub, and it’s certainly one of the most popular and highly rated domestic tubs on the market. The Booster appears in many guises – in different sizes and colors – and all variations seem to do well. We’ve recently stumbled across an X-Large version which comes with its own set of steps plus an array of extras. This combo has received such great reviews that we happy to include it on our ‘Grooming Tubs’ page where it stands as a very affordable alternative to a pro tub!

Flying Pig Simple Dryerdomestic dryer for dogs

This is the domestic version of Flying Pig’s pro dryer and it’s achieving excellent reviews. Available in a choice of four colors, this powerful but quiet product comes with an easy to change filter and two heat and blow settings. It also comes with a lengthy 120” stretchable rubber hose and three nozzles to suit most pets’ coat types. Being more affordable than many, this pet dryer might be worth investigating further.

Electric Lift Grooming Tubelectric lifting grooming tub

With a good adjustable height range of 24” to 52” the Luxe Electric Lift Grooming Tub should accommodate most breeds of dog (it can support up to 150lbs in total weight) as well as most groomers’ backs! The foot pedal-operated tub is crafted from medical grade 304 stainless steel and comes with several extras included. Not least of these are a one year motor warranty and a lifetime structural warranty!


Dog Bath Tubshome dog bath

Whether you are looking to buy a basic dog bath tub for the home or purchase a grooming tub for your pet boutique, we aim to have it covered. A dog bathtub can, obviously, come in many different sizes and designs. It is difficult, therefore, to categorize each item in anything but a very general manner. As you can see from the top menu, we have split up the products into three main sections. The domestic dog baths page concentrates solely on tubs for home use. These domestic items include several sizes, covering baths for small dogs all the way up to large. The grooming tubs page, unless you have the space and funds available, is there for professional dog groomers and features only high-end products. This section also covers multiple sizes – from small to large tubs for dogs. As you may have already guessed, the Intermediate page concerns itself with the gray area in between the two aforementioned categories. The products listed there might suit the dog owner that requires something more substantial than a basic bath or, on the other hand, the professional pet groomer who is on a budget and can adapt. Whatever your requirements, be sure to have a good look through our site – including our Innovations page which holds a few more bright ideas for both owners and groomers alike! We hope you find what you’re looking for on your search!


Dogs Versus Domestic Bathsdog after bath

Presuming that you are fortunate enough to have a dog in your household, you will know of the joy that he or she can bring. A good dog is a loyal and loving creature – a true friend, devoted to the core! But… there are some occasions on which your four-legged pal, through no fault of his or her own, can present you with problems. Not least of these is bath time! Family bathrooms, through time, have witnessed many arduous battles between reluctant dirty dogs and their owners – the unsuitable and awkward surroundings often contributing to a commotion of whines, water and slippery escape attempts! And even if a dog is happy with its soggy surroundings, it’s not unusual for the owner’s back to be disturbed instead as he or she lifts, leans and lurches in order to clean around the happy hound! This is where a dog bathtub could make things so much easier!

Dog Tub Priceshigh end grooming tubs

The costs of baths, from tubs for the home to professional salon models, cover an enormous price range: anything from just $30 to $3,000+! Sometimes these high-end prices are justified, and sometimes they are not! The trouble with many grooming tubs out on the market that cost a small fortune is that, quite often, they are incomplete. You would think that after spending a couple of thousand dollars the only future payment that may be needed would go to a plumber to set the thing up! But, alas, that’s not true in many cases: extras are often required at extra expense! Here at Dog Bath Tub we always endeavour to point this out if that’s the case with any particular product, and will often give less credit to a tub that lacks many of the essential extras not included with its price. Read our reviews with care and the manufacturer’s description with even more! Find out exactly what you are getting for your money before you take the plunge!

Dedicated Dog Tubsgroomer bathing dog

The convenience of having a separate, dedicated tub for your furry friend cannot be overstated. This is true if you’re bathing your own dog at home and even more so if you are a professional pet groomer. Dog tubs come in many styles, shapes and sizes but they all have the advantage of making a difficult job easier: even a basic design will provide 360 degree access to a dog, whilst professional dog grooming tubs can include ramps, restraining apparatus and electric lifting gear. All are much more suitable than a domestic bath or sink which, of course, were not intended to host a hound!

Which Dog Bath Tub is Best?owner bathing dog

For each different dog there will be a different answer to that question. There are many things to consider about each particular hound such as its size, temperament and agility. On top of those things the strength and nimbleness of the owner also has to be taken into account. The frequency of bathing is another aspect which should also be reflected upon: a simple dog bath might suit an owner just for several times a year, but is unlikely to meet the needs of a groomer that may need to give different dogs a bath several times a day! And so there are many combinations of factors which come into play. And here is where we come in! As mentioned before, in the basic menu at the top of this page we have divided the products into three main areas: Basic; Intermediate; and Groomer. On each of their individual pages we go into more detail about the available items: their sizes, specifications and prices. Take a look at these pages and you will get a better idea about what would be the best bath for both your best friend and yourself!

What do We do?doggy bath

We are an associate of Amazon and we are proud to be so. We regularly search their listings, looking into all the nooks and crannies, to find the most highly-rated dog bathing apparatus and accessories. We check the prices, reviews and even look for special offers to pass on. In short, we look and research to save you from trawling through their numerous pages yourself, and then we simply gather all of the great products we find together and present them for easy comparison. Once you find an item you wish to purchase our job here is done – just follow the relative link to the product. Checkout is performed as usual through Amazon with no extra cost to yourself. And, of course, you will be covered as usual by their fantastic customer care! We sincerely hope that you find something you like upon our pages and that your four-legged friend likes it too!


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