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A halfway house page for tubs and prices that might suit both owners and groomers alike. A list of very different designs which straddles the pro and domestic dog tub worlds. Here you will find some cheaper grooming bathtubs and some of the more expensive solutions built with home-use in mind.

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Poly Tubs

Stainless Steel Tubs

Small Steel Grooming Tubsmall stainless steel grooming tub

4 stars

Size: (of whole) 38" x 26" x 56"

Size: (of tub) 38" x 26" x 8"

Materials: Stainless steel

Positions: Drain center, faucet right

This 38 inch stainless steel tub from ‘Flying Pig’ is ideal for smaller pets, obviously taking up less space than the larger and more standard grooming tub sizes. Despite the more diminutive design, Flying Pig, as usual, haven’t skimped on the quality, build or the extras included! The tub is constructed from rust-resistant 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and a faucet with hose and sprayer come as standard. Also included are a shampoo rack and a rubber floor mat. The back and side-splashes are removable if more access is needed, although the backsplash does hold two restraint eyelets. The tub stands upon sturdy legs, which come with levelers, and can hold up to a 220lb load. It also features a central drain which works with, more or less, any plumbing arrangement. The only downside is that the whole apparatus doesn’t come preassembled, but considering the very reasonable price for a solid steel tub, this is a small inconvenience. Reviews are, on the whole, positive and we think that this an ideal product for groomers and, possibly, for owners too!

Everyday Pro Tub with Cabinetdog tub with cabinet

4 star

(Rating based on the tub-only version below)

Size: 48" x 24.5" x 56" (72" high with cabinet approx.)

Materials: Stainless steel

This purple tub and matching overhead cabinet are usually sold separately. It works out cheaper to buy them in one package but, obviously, if you have no need for an additional cabinet then you’re better off just buying the tub (see below). The tub is made from 16 gauge stainless steel and has three 1” plumbing holes (for 4 or 8” plumbing hook-ups) and a predrilled 3.25” drain hole. Unfortunately, no plumbing kit is included and so consider that extra cost before buying. There are four u-shaped bolts built into the backsplash to hold restraining loops but little else in the way of accessories. What you are really paying for here is a reasonable grooming tub and cabinet at a reasonable price (our rating is based on the review for the stand-alone version below). If only they had included a faucet and plumbing fixtures we would have liked it more - but then we would have probably liked the cost less! All things considered, it's not a bad tub. See below for more info and options.

Everyday Pro Tubstand alone dog grooming tub

And so this is the same tub but, obviously, without the cabinet included, making it a cheaper option than that above. Other than the absence of the cabinet, however, the specifications are broadly the same. It is currently available in three colors: purple (pictured); blue and silver. (The prices vary between the colors.) Reviews are very good on the whole but there are a couple of small concerns about the caulking. Even so, considering the price(s), this intermediate grooming tub represents fair value for money.

Hydro Heal Dog Spa

hydro heal spa for dogs

3 stars
(3 stars pending more info.)

(Currently Unavailable)

Size: (of tub) 35" x 23.5" x 24"

Size: (of whole) 48" x 26.5" x 41.5"

Materials: Stainless steel

This isn’t a grooming tub for dogs but more of a therapeutic device for pets suffering from various aches and pains. It acts like a Jacuzzi or hot tub for hounds, soothing the stressed and/or sore pet with massaging bubbles in temperature-controlled water. This stainless steel product isn’t cheap but does come with an array of extras that we would like to see on some of the more expensive grooming tubs! Included are a rack, plumbing and drain attachments and a spray hose. A convenient control panel allows the water temperature to be set and the agitation level of the water altered. The Dog Spa will accommodate small to medium-sized pets but please take note of the interior dimensions of the bathing area (35.5” L x 23.5” W x 24” D) and, of course, your dog or doggy customers before committing to buy. Overall, this is a neat, compact product (total size is 48” x 26.5” x 41.5”) that can benefit poorly pets and may well make bath-time a little more enjoyable for other dogs. An interesting item!

Groomer’s Best Walk-in Tubwalk in dog tub

4 stars
Size: (of whole) 60" x 25.5" x 47"

Materials: 18 gauge 304 stainless steel base

Positions: Plumbing left, right or center

Walk-in grooming tubs provide good economical options for the bathing of large dogs. They sit low to the ground enabling the pet to simply step on board rather than having to negotiate a set of steps or a ramp. They do have a couple of downsides, however, in that they are open-fronted and will require some back-bending from the groomer! That said, for larger pets, their merits can outweigh their disadvantages. This sturdy 18 gauge 304 stainless steel from Groomer’s Best stands only 9” off the floor and can accommodate very large hounds within its wide span. Its exterior is coated with a textured sealant (in a choice of two colors) which is both leak proof and sound dampening whilst the actual seams are fully welded. The tub comes with a few basic elements included such as leg-levelers and four restraing bolts built into the backsplash and other extras can be bought separately if desired such as a plumbing kit, hair trap and floor grate (plumbing is available left, right or center). We think the price is fair for such a big chunk of welded steel and for the groomers of large dogs it’s a good possibility.

Paw Brothers Tubpaw brothers basic grooming tub

35 star
Size: (of tub) 48" x 25.9" x 16"

Materials: 304 stainless steel base

Positions: Plumbing both left and right

The first thing to say about this new tub on the market is that it’s significantly cheaper than most. The second thing to say is that there’s a very good reason for that: it needs work! Basically, the Paw Brothers’ tub is a blank canvas which, whilst much more inexpensive that most baths of the same size, requires almost all plumbing appliances needed to complete it to be bought separately and installed. The design boasts a 304 grade stainless steel tub-bottom (but we take that to mean that the rest of the bath isn’t made of the same material!) with a tub rack, a 3M mat and hair strainer also included. Plumbing (for 4 or 8” faucet hook-ups) can be either left or right-positioned and plugs are included to cover the unused holes. The backsplash hosts four U-shaped restraint bolts and the tub has a powder-coated finish. It all sounds reasonably good but this bath will be a real project for any buyer to get up and running. If you have plumbing experience yourself, or know of a reasonable plumber, however, this tub might still be worthwhile – providing the extra appliances needed can be sourced cheaply enough. Even so, we can only really award this an average mark for now.

Flying Pig Standard Pet Bathing Tubflying pig standard dog bath tub

4 star
(Currently Unavailable)

Size: (of tub) 49" x 24" x 16"

Size: (whole) 49" x 24" x 48"

Materials: Stainless steel

Positions: Drain right; plumbing right

This dog bathing tub by flying Pig is right on the cusp of an advanced and a pro grooming tub. We were in two minds in which section to add it, but because of its lack of an electric lift and/or easy access ramp we've added it to the advanced page. This tub is designed for small to medium-sized pets and is built from 20 gauge 304 stainless steel. Unfortunately, there is no choice for draining and plumbing – both are to the right hand side – and so that makes it quite limiting. If that layout doesn’t affect you, however, this is a well-built, sturdy piece of kit and worthy of consideration. The tub sits upon two solid legs (these will need bolting in place) which include four leg-levelers. The tub also comes with a sprayer, a hot and cold water faucet, hot and cold pipe adapters, a non-slip rubber floor mat and even a silicone resealing gel to fix any potential future leaks. Also included is a drain kit (includes hair trap), a plumbing hose and restraining eyelets. We like this tub a lot. It is a shame about the lack of any dog-loading capability, but a set of steps or ramp could be purchased separately to help with that shortcoming for the larger pets. Overall, though, we are quite impressed and we award this Flying Pig model four stars.

Master Equipment Pro Tub Minipro pet tub mini

3 stars
(Currently Unavailable)
Size: (of tub including splashes) 33.5" x 28.2" x 20.5"

Materials:  16/19 gauge zinc-plated steel and stainless steel tub base

This tub only just makes it on to our intermediate page because it's quite a basic setup. It’s really just a shell, ready to be transformed by the buyer into a usable piece of equipment. Because of this, however, it is cheaper than many steel-based baths and so, with a bit of improvisation, it may be worth considering. The tub is made from 16 gauge zinc-plated steel that has been powder-coated (the backsplashes are 19 gauge). The bottom of the tub is made from rust-resistant stainless steel and all seals are treated with mould-resistant silicone caulking. As the name suggests, the tub is built with smaller pets in mind. It comes with a shampoo rack and a couple of U-shaped restraint bolts built into the backsplash – and that’s about it – the rest is up to you! And so if you’re looking for a small but affordable steel-based tub but don’t mind adding a few extras yourself then this might just work!

Poly Tubs

Home Pet Spahome pet spa

35 star

Size: (of whole) 35" x 24.7" x 29.25"

(width of interior) 14.4"

Materials: Plastic

Positions: Doors both ends

The first thing to say is that we love the simple design and neat appearance of the Home Pet Spa: a tidy-looking cubicle which, if you have adequate room for, will not make any eyes sore! The cleaning process itself is akin to an automated car wash. The dog enters via a large door at one end which then is closed behind him, and then the washing commences. This is achieved with by any combination of the included shower wand from above, and six mist jets placed at mid-height along the sides (the spa connects to any household faucet). Once washing and rinsing have been completed, the now clean hound exits via another door at the other end of the enclosure – simple! It should be pointed out that the product is not a bath as such: it is not designed to hold any depth of water. It acts more like a shower cubicle, draining the dirty water away immediately by way of a flexible drain hose. Other things to consider are the size of your dog along with the interior dimensions of the spa. We feel this is a good item for most medium-sized pets and that smaller breeds could be accommodated for also with the addition of a simple rack or shelf. But it might be too much of a squeeze for larger hounds! The only other thing to think about is that the spa is floor-standing and that some bending down or kneeling may be required from the owner. Overall, we like this product. It might not offer the thorough cleansing of a pro pet tub, but we think it would serve well in providing quick dog washes either at home or in the grooming salon.

Flying Pig Seamless Grooming Tubflying pig v polypro tub

4 star
(Currently Unavailable)

Size: (of whole) 58" x 54" x 30"

Materials: high-density polyethylene

Positions: Door left; drain right

This polyethylene pet bath looks as if it is an adaption of the 'Master Equipment' PolyPro tub listed below. That's not a bad thing as we quite like the PolyPro! But what's  the difference? Well, apart from the plastic employed (polyethylene and not polypropylene (which are very similar)) there are no overhead arms with restraining loops in this Flying Pig version. Instead, there are a couple of restraint eyelets built into a removable back splash. Aside from this, the basic design seems identical - right down to the paw print exterior decoration and interior non-slip base! It also includes the same built-in bottle holders, small pet platform and vertical-sliding door. The one thing that seems to be missing, however, is a ramp and that's why this version of the tub has ended up on the 'Advanced' page rather than the 'grooming' one. A ramp or steps, of course, can be bought separately, but that would add to the price which we feel is already a little on the high side! But if a back splash is a necessity then this tub may still be a worthwhile option. Otherwise, we would suggest one of the PolyPro tubs instead which come in at similar or smaller prices. Because of the apparent lack of a ramp, we award this Flying Pig version a lower score than that of the PolyPros: four stars.

Master Equipment PolyPropolypro pet grooming tub

45 star
Pink Currently Unavailable - See below for other choices

Size: (of whole, excluding arms) 58" x 31" x 36"

Materials: high-density polyethylene

Positions: Door left; drain right

This grooming dog tub from Master Equipment follows the same design as their PolyPro Lift which can be found on the Grooming Tub page. The obvious difference with this model is that instead of an electric lifting frame, the tub sits upon four adjustable legs and a ramp has been included. The tub itself looks very similar with its pawprint pattern. This adds some decoration to the outside as well as helping with grip on the inside. It is fashioned out of high-density polyethylene which is relatively light, stain-proof and durable. The door lifts up and out for easy loading via the included ramp and is replaced just as easily afterwards. The ramp has castors on its front legs for easy placement and when next to the body of the tub leaves an 8" step to the open door - it also has a non-slip mat. As well as the ramp, this dog tub comes with many other extras: grooming arms; hose; drain (requires installation) with strainer and stopper; 4 molded bottle recesses; 3 restraint loops and a raised rack for smaller dogs. There are various colors available for this tub and the price does seem to change with the color quite radically! This pink design is one of the more expensive out there, but if you don't mind which color you have you can find the same tubs for several hundreds of dollars less! (Click on image below for more.) And so our verdict: we like it but when considering the cost of both this and any cheaper versions, we would go with the model with the electric lift instead. But, having said that, there's little wrong with this product and some groomers may find it simpler and more suitable for their premises. We award it 4.5 stars

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