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Shampoos, Brushes, Towels and More

On this page you will find those extras that you may need for you dog at bath time or for general grooming. As with the dog bath tub pages, we will only add products here that are both dedicated to dogs and come highly recommended.

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Waterpik Pet Wand Prowaterpik dog showerhead

The Pet Wand Pro is fast becoming a very popular gadget for domestic dog bathing. The aptly named device is long and thin in design which allows it to target and saturate larger areas of a dog’s coat than a traditional rose-style showerhead. This ‘comb spray’ can be adjusted, however, for smaller and/or sensitive areas, and the force of the spray can be reduced also. Adapters are included for use with a domestic shower or a garden hose. An eight feet long hose is also included for convenient indoor use. Reviews are very good for this deceptively simple product, and its price is very fair – and there’s a limited lifetime warranty included also. And so if your furry friend prefers to shower rather than soak in the tub this is a device that’s worth a closer look!

Martha Stewart Pets Quick Bathmartha stewart quick bath

Making a splash at the moment – if you pardon the pun – in the dog bathing world is the ‘Quick Bath’ from Martha Stewart Pets. The idea is simple: the device, via an included hose and adapters, is connected to your showerhead, filled with the dog-friendly shampoo of your choosing and then washing can commence. After the wash cycle comes the rinsing which is achieved by simply sliding a button. After the initial setup, the product makes the process of bathing your pet a much more simple and straightforward single operation. And therefore quicker too – which might well please your dog as much as it pleases you! The Quick Bath is sold at a reasonable price and reviews, at this time, are predominantly good!

Pupkiss Pro Pet Shampoopupkiss dog shampoo

The ‘All in One Pet Wash’ shampoo sounds like one of those all-sing, all-dancing products that sounds too good to be true. But, according to previous buyer reviews, Pupkiss’s claims do, indeed, have a solid foundation! The shampoo is made from a blend of coconut and palm oils mixed in with aloe extract and oatmeal. And the list of ingredients it doesn’t include – the nasty chemical stuff – is just as reassuring! The end result is a product which cleanses, moisturizes, deodorizes and conditions a dog’s coat and skin without causing any itchiness. As if that wasn’t enough, Pupkiss are so confident that you and your furry friend will see the benefits of their product that they have a 100 percent money back guarantee in place! As hinted at before, the reviews are remarkably positive and so I doubt if they’ve refunded much money so far!

Rinse Ace Pet Shower Sprayerdog shower appliance

For those owners who are quite content with showering their dogs, or those looking for a more convenient way to wash their pets and don’t like the idea of a tub, The Rinse Ace may appeal to you. It supplies three modes of spray - gentle, pulsating and concentrated – and also boasts a flow lever which delivers anything from a full flow right down to pause (or should that be paws?). The real asset of this product, however, is its 8 Foot hose which can connect directly to your existing domestic showerhead and provides plenty of reach and slack for the cleaning task. A very affordable product with outstanding reviews!

Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampooearthbath dog shampoos

A good product to add to this list is another of the most popular dog shampoos! Actually, by clicking on the link below you will see an entire range by 'earthbath' who specialize in totally natural, bio-degradable, cruelty-free products. The picture shown is the bestselling Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo which is good for irritable skin conditions and contains vanilla and almond oils. Just some of the other products in the range include a dedictaed puppy shampoo and a hypo-allergenic version. As you would expect, these products are very popular and the ratings are very high. They are good for dogs and good for the planet too!

Oster Oatmeal Naturals Dog Shampoooster oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Another popular group of K9 shampoos is the Oster Oatmeal Naturals range. These are free from unwanted ingredients such as alcohol and phosphate, and many in the range have been formulated with vitamins to promote both healthy skin and coat. As the name suggests the products are all based around 100 per cent natural oatmeal and contain no artificial colors and are pH balanced. Types include: deodorizing; puppy; soothing and conditioner. Very good reviews for a great range of reasonably-priced dog shampoos!

FURminator deShedding Conditionerfurminator deshedding conditioner

FURminator, if you haven't heard of them, are well known for their innovative products that reduce excess shedding. This Ultra Premium Conditioner is yet another of their well-recieved items that is aimed at this problem. The conditioner does this by releasing the undercoat during bath time with a gentle formula that contains no nasty chemical dyes or parabens, but does includes omega 3 and 6 as well as chamomile extract and aloe vera. Upon this page we will, no doubt, be featuring more FURminator products. But if you visit the link below do take a minute to look around at their other gadgets and gizmos that might be of use to you and your faithful friend!

Organic Dog Shampoooxgord organic pet wash shampoo

Currently the number one Best Seller in Dog Shampoos, the OxGord (since relabeled as 'Paws and Pals') Pet Wash is a 100 percent vegan and organic product that is also soap and tear free! With a commitment to only using natural ingredients and complete transparency about what is exactly included in their product, OxGord Pet Wash has built up a very large following with those who want the kindest shampoo for their pet, spoiling them with soothing aloe, jojoba and coconut oils with oatmeal, shea butter and rosemary also included. With such an array of gentle ingredients it’s not difficult to see why this product has made it to the number one spot!

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Dog Grooming Setcheap dog clippers set

Dog clippers on their own aren’t always the cheapest grooming items to find. Many products come in at over a hundred dollars plus with just the bare essentials included. This nice kit, however, not only includes five combs (3-15mm) but also several nice little extras at a price more pleasant to the pocket! Along with the titanium and ceramic blade(s) of the clipper (with a 2.8M cord (9 feet) you also get 2 pairs of stainless steel scissors and comb, a replacement blade and a cleaning brush. These clippers may not have quite the power of the very expensive products out there but, even so, the reviews are excellent. A nice affordable dog grooming kit!

Andis Plus 2-Speed Pet Clippersbest dog clippers

One of the best makers of dog clippers on the market is Andis who also make all manner of other home appliances. This extremely popular design is one of several designs they manufacture for pets and the reviews speak volumes about their quality! Boasting quiet and cool operation, a shatterproof housing and two speeds, this heavy duty dog clipper can cope with grooming on all types of coats. It has a detachable long-life size 10 UltraEdge blade included and is compatible with UltraEdge, CeramicEdge and ShowEdge blades for more versatility. (All of these blades can be bought separately). The Andis 2-Speed is not one of the cheapest but it’s definitely one of the best!

HandsOn Grooming Glovesgrooming gloves

We usually leave our opinions to the end of our reviews but in this case we have to say what a great product these pet grooming gloves are from the start! A brilliantly simple innovation, these HandsOn gloves can be used wet or dry to aid in all manner of grooming procedures from the removal of loose hair to massage to bathing. Available in medium or large sizes they fit the groomer’s hands like – well, like a glove – giving him or her more control and dexterity than many other products on the market such as mitts. The gentle nodules upon the fingers and palms can then do their work – whether that’s removing shed hair or massaging in a doggy shampoo! These are very useful and versatile products which provide both a tactile touch and more connection between dog and groomer. Lots and lots of deservedly excellent reviews!

BarkOutfitters Dematting Tooldog dematting tool

Keeping a dog’s coat in a good, healthy condition can be a real chore for some breeds. Some long-haired pets are very prone to their coat becoming tangled and matted and it’s not much fun for dog or owner to rectify the issue. A decent dematting tool such as this one by BarkOutfitters can help to alleviate the problem. The roller of sharp edges safely glide through stubborn clumps of matted hair whilst protecting the pet’s skin with rounded teeth which are designed not to scratch or penetrate. The dematting process can then become more thereputic for the dog rather than a pain (quite literally!) and the gentle, ergonomically-designed handle will aid the groomer too in their task! This is a nice, well thought out product which comes with a 5 year guarantee. Also, when you buy this affordable tool, $1 will be donated to non-kill shelters which is another great reason to invest!

The Pet Grooming Toolthe pet grooming tool

Products don't come much more highly rated than this one! Many happy customers and many great reviews for the, rather unimaginatively titled: Pet Grooming Tool! But who cares what it's called so long as it does the job well - and it certainly does! 10mm (2/5") long stainless steel bristles get straight to your pet's undercoat to remove that unwanted detatched and loose hair (up to 90%) before it finds it ways onto your furniture! The brush can be separated from the ergonomically designed handle for easy cleaning and the whole product is veterninary approved (UK) and comes with a 100% replacement guarantee! A great product for your pet as well as you!

Pet Grooming Mittdog grooming mitt

A highly rated multi-purpose grooming mitt that fits both left and right hands and is held in place with a Velcro wrist strap. It is lightweight and can be used for both wet and dry work - from simple brushing to massaging in a shampoo. In a seondary role, it can also help with removing pet hair from fabrics and furniture! This is a very affordable and useful item to own and its low price includes a free eBook with tips on dog grooming and, also, a coupon code for you or a friend to get a discount on another future purchase! You can't get much fairer than that!

FURminator deShedding Toolfurminator deshedding tool comb

Yes - we had to include this FURminator product too! This extremely popular grooming aid is available in numerous sizes for both short and long-haired pets. The tool, with its stainless steel deShedding edge, delves down under a hound's topcoat to safely remove up to 90 per cent of loose hair - a useful thing to do before popping your pet into the tub! The product is easy to clean and the FURejector button makes sure that the edge doesn't become clogged with hair. The company boast that the tool was designed by a pro-groomer and guarantee that it will reduce shedding better than any brush or comb - and many customers agree!


Flying Simple Pet Dryerflying pig dog dryer

‘Flying Pig’, who specialize in pro dog grooming gear, now have their domestic ‘Flying Simple’ pet dryer out on the market and, like many of their other products, it’s proving rather popular! The dryer is available in several colors (at slightly different prices) and provides 2 air-speeds and 2 heating options via a 110V motor. Despite its power, the pet dryer is quiet enough not to cause distress and comes with a 120” stretchable hose and a choice of three nozzles. The Flying Simple is, unsurprisingly, simple to maintain and allows for the easy replacement of filters when the time comes. Reviews are typically great for a Flying Pig product and the prices aren’t prohibitive!

Chris Christensen Kool Pup Dryerquiet dog dryer

A common problem with dog dryers is the noise they can create. If things get too loud for some pets they can feel uncomfortable and/or frightened – and these are obviously not good things! The Kool Pup Dryer claims to be the quietest dryer available on the market. It has over two hundred air flow variations that emanate from the small, neat blower (available in three colors) which utilises sound-absorbing foam to help bring the decibel level down as much as possible. Certainly not the cheapest dryer available, but definitely one of the most highly regarded!

Snuggly Dog Bath Towelsnuggly bathrobe for dogs

This soft microfiber (360gsm) bathrobe for dogs is available in three sizes: medium; large; and X-large. The doggy robe fits easily and comfortably around the neck and tail, and the absorbent material then allows for the simple rubbing dry of the coat. Of course, as well as making the drying task much simpler, the Snuggly also protects your dry home from your damp dog! It can also act as a great 'shaking-shield! As well as these advantages the bathrobe can also keep a dog warm in cold conditions and protect the interior of a car after a damp day out! The Snuggly is washable (pay attention to the instructions) and is suitable for most of the  larger breeds. A very versatile item indeed!

Metro Air Force Commander Dog Dryermetro dog blow dryer

The first thing to say about this professional dog dryer is that it isn't cheap! It seems, however, that when it comes to pet dryers - you get what you pay for! We looked at several other such accessories for the pro-groomer at lower prices, but the percentage of poor reviews was high - even for the best seller! And so in the end we settled for this strong, steel 4HP product from Metro which doesn't suffer from much criticism. This powerful little unit has variable airflow control and blows out a warm air stream (it has no heating element) which effectively removes, rather than evaporates, water from the pet's coat, cutting drying times. The product can be stood and used both horizontally and vertically and comes with six feet of flexible hose, an air concentrator, an air flare and a grooming rake. As hinted at before - very positive reviews thus far!

Bone Dry Microfiber Dog Towelmicrofiber dog towels by bone dry

If you don't need a professional dog dryer there's always the good old fashioned manual kind! These durable DII microfiber pet towels are 44" x 27.5" inches in size and are extremely absorbent and fast-drying. The towels are machine washable and are versatile enough to be used as a comfy pet blanket on non-bath days! They are available in four different colors: taupe (pictured); green; grey; and red.

B-Air Bear Power Dryerbair bear pet dryer

If you want a complete drying system for your pet but don’t want to spend a fortune, you might want to check out the Bear Power Dryer. This lightweight design (under 8 lbs) has two speed settings (gentle and powerful), four interchangeable nozzles, replacement filters and sound insulation for quieter use than many other dryers out there! The Bear Dryer is also available in four bright colors at slightly varying prices but all very reasonable! A very popular product with many happy customers at the time of writing!

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Comfy N Easy Pet Drying Systemcomfy and easy pet drying system

This is a product, we suspect, more for professional groomers than for dog owners – unless they have a big home and a big budget to match! The design boasts 17 patented Cyclonic air nozzles which gently and safely blow-dry a dog’s coat within the confines of a well-ventilated chamber. One big advantage that the nozzles hold is their quiet operation which can cause less stress in a dog than a typical loud dog-dryer! The Comfy N Easy drying system also comes with thermostatic temperature control, far-infrared light therapy (which inhibits the growth of bacteria and parasites) and an optional aromatherapy setting. Any loose hair blown free is trapped by easy to change filters which make the clean-up operation simple. We think this is a very innovative dog grooming product which, as we’ve already said, will be much more preferable to some dogs instead of the noise of a grating dryer. The one reservation we do have is that the dog must be comfortable within the confines of the device. Pets that have been crate-trained will be far more likely to be content when inside and when the chamber is sealed behind them; whereas others may panic and/or become destructive (the big clear door might possibly help towards this end). Overall, we like the product and, for those dogs that are happy to be shut away for short periods, it could be a real time-saver for groomers!