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A dog grooming tub can come in many shapes, sizes and prices. There are often various layouts for plumbing and drainage available as well as different approaches for providing easier access to the tub for the dogs. Below are listed the more popular pro dog bathtubs divided into sections depending on their pet-loading approach: ramps; lifts and steps. Also, we feature a couple of domestic tubs that may be suitable for groomers on a budget.

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OrangeA Professional Grooming Tuborangea grooming tub

3 star
Size: (of tub) 49.6" x 20" x 15.6" (approx)

Size: (of whole) 49.6" x 60" x 15.6"

Materials: 16 gauge 304 stainless steel

Positions: Door left, drain right

This walk-in dog grooming tub is solidly built from 16 gauge / 304 stainless steel and can hold up to 260lbs. Its ‘ramp’ is really a pull-out pair of steps that can be hidden away underneath the tub when not in use (we’ve added it to our ‘ramp’ section to coincide with the full product description). But apart from this slight difference of opinion, we are pleased with what the OrangeA has to offer in the way of extras. Along with floor grates, which can be adjusted for differently sized dogs, and a S/S overhead grooming arm with loops - which are both pretty typical items to be included with such a tub – the OrangeA also comes equipped with a faucet with hot and cold water hoses; a sprayer with hose; a drain kit; a hair trap and a shampoo rack! The side and backsplashes can be removed if so desired and the door, which features watertight seals, is easy to open and close and locks securely. The tub does require assembly, however, and so have a wrench and screwdriver at the ready! Considering the extras included, the price for the OrangeA Pro Tub is excellent but... the reviews are very divided! We would choose the Flying Pig listed below over this despite its increased cost.

Flying Pig Dog Grooming Tubgrooming tub with all accesories included

5 stars
Size: (of tub) 50" x 20" x 21" (62" available see below)

Size: (of whole) 50" x 58" x 21"

Materials: 16 gauge 304 stainless steel

Positions: Door and drain both left or right

When considering buying a high-end pet grooming tub it’s nice to see some choices and freebies thrown in with the deal! Flying Pig have these bases covered with this new stainless steel tub of theirs. Door and drain location options are available with this nice and tidy product, as is a choice of sizes – 50 and 62”. The 16 gauge 304 s/s tub also comes with a drain kit which includes a flexible hose and hair trap, an adjustable and removable overhead arm with restraint loops and removable back and side splashes. Also included are a faucet and sprayer - both with hoses – a two-piece, adjustable floor grate to accommodate different sizes of dog, and a ramp which tucks away neatly under the body of the bath when not in use. It’s obvious that Flying Pig have put a lot of thought into this product and have considered the groomers’ needs as much as the pets’. All the extras and options available make this product a real contender for owners and groomers that want a new tub without having to shop around for compatible parts. Very good reviews so far and rightly so!

The 62” Version:very large dog grooming tub

As above except on a larger scale: same layout options, materials and extras included. Reviews aren’t as numerous as for the 50” bath above but they are still generally good at the time of writing. Definitely a tub capable of holding the big boys and girls although, of course, with the included adjustable floor grates it could cater for smaller pets also!

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Master Equipment Evolve Tubevolve dog tub

3 star

(3 stars pending more info.)
(Currently Unavailable)

(of tub) 48" x 25.25" x 19"

Size: (of  whole) 51" x 27.5" x 55"

Materials: 14 gauge 304 brushed stainless steel

Positions: Plumbing left or right - door opposite

As you almost certainly know, a pro dog grooming tub isn't cheap! There are good reasons for this, we agree, but here at Dog Bath Tub we do feel that sometimes the price is a little excessive for some products: those that will need much more money spent on them after the initial purchase to get them ready for use! Master Equipment’s ‘Evolve’ tub, we’re glad to say, needs little else done apart from the installation of suitable plumbing after its sale. And, on top of that, its starting price isn’t extortionate considering the equipment included and the choices available. Left or right plumbing dictates the layout for its main features: plumbing on the left will result in the door and ramp being located on the right and vice versa. The stainless steel ramp simply slides across and underneath the tub (made from 14 gauge 304 type brushed stainless steel) when not in use and out again for the entry or exit of the dog. It has a textured, non-slip covering to help prevent slipping. The ramp leads up to a good wide door which boasts a healthy locking mechanism and rubber seals on the frame which prevent leakage. As you can see by the picture, the door also acts as one of the side splashes when closed. As well as the ramp, the tub also comes with a preinstalled drain assembly; an adjustable rack; a sliding restraint bar on the backsplash; and, as mentioned before, a choice of layouts. For the money this stainless steel grooming tub ranks highly!

Master Equipment Superior Pet Tubmaster equipment superior dog bath tub

45 star

Size: (whole) 51" x 41" x 27" To 61.3" x 41.5" x 28"

Materials: 14-gauge, 304-type Stainless steel

Positions: Choices available

A choice of sizes and left or right plumbing are available for this nice, sturdy stainless steel tub from Master Equipment. The hardy 14-gauge, 304-steel backsplash and sides have a rubber sealant to prevent leaks and the whole tub and frame give the product a solid, no-nonsense look. We especially like the articulated built-in ramp which folds and slides neatly away under the tub when not in use. This has a non-slip rubber coating for safer entry and exit. Do bear in mind, however, that the ramp, as well as the sliding up and out door, will always have to sit at the opposite end of the tub from the pre-installed drain assembly. Apart from the drain, the Superior Pet Tub also includes three 7/8" plumbing holes for whichever side you need, a removable raised rack for grooming smaller animals and a long u-shaped running restraint bar attached onto the backsplash. Of course, we would have liked to have seen a few more accessories included in with the price, but when compared to other high end grooming tubs with lesser specifications and fewer options the cost is quite fair. And, overall, we like it!

Groomer’s Best Standard Tubgroomers best dog bathing tub

35 star

Size: (of whole approx.) 37.5" x 25.5" x 58" To 59.5" x 25.5" x 58"

Materials: Stainless steel

Positions: Plumbing left or right or center

It’s always nice to have choices and this Groomer’s Best bathing tub has many configurations to suit most homes or places of business. Plumbing can be positioned to the left or right of the tub which itself is available in three sizes. The tub is made from 20 gauge 304 stainless steel (guaranteed to never rust) and sits upon 20” high legs with adjustable feet. All good so far but remember that this grooming tub isn’t the finished article – more equipment will be needed. Strangely, although a basic non-slip ramp is included, the door isn't, for example! An optional plumbing kit is available to buy with the bath (look at the 'frequently bought together' section of the page (others kits are available too)), and you can also cherry-pick individual items from the kit page also, such as a hair catcher or bottle holder, for example. We know that some people will prefer a ready assembled, ready to go tub and they will be put off by this assembly in instalments route. But for those that require certain specifics to be met such as size and plumbing etc., this way of doing things is much more flexible. Reviews are average at the time of writing with mixed opinions. Some question the quality of the finishing and so, even though this steel tub is one of the cheapest on the market, further reading is definitely recommended.

Paw Brothers Professional Tubpaw brothers professional grooming tub

3 stars

(3 stars pending more info.)

(of whole) 50.5" x 57.75" x 28"

Materials: 16 gauge stainless steel

Positions: Door right, drain left

We’ve featured one of the more basic designs from Paw Brothers before on our pages and so we thought we’d now also include one of their high-end dog grooming tubs for some balance. (Paw Brothers supply a whole host of dog grooming gear on their pages and so it’s worth following the link even if you don’t like this product of theirs – once there just click on their name (below the title) to see more from their range.) Anyway – back to this tub! This particular 48” stainless steel tub (16 gauge) of theirs - which looks very similar indeed to the 'Flying Pig' tub listed further up this page! - has a right-side door with left plumbing (pre-drilled 1” holes) which offers a versatile choice of 4,6 or 8” setups. The tub comes with two removable floor grates which can be raised to a higher level accommodate the more diminutive dogs, and the back and side-splashes can be removed for even better access if required. An overhead, stainless steel arm comes complete with two adjustable bolts and restraint loops and the tub’s base utilises rubber levelers. Also incorporated in the bath’s body is a spray hose holder but, alas, no spray hose is included – which is a shame! What is included, however, is a drain with a hair-basket, and a nice ramp with a rubberized surface and feet which leads neatly up to the lockable bath door. On the surface, this looks like a good solid product that’s price isn’t too exclusive. We would like a little more information, though, on things such as the seals, actual tub size and, of course, performance before we can say too much more. In the meantime we’ll award the Paw Brothers’ Professional dog grooming tub a provisional 3 stars.

Tubs with Lifts

Luxe Lifting Dog Tubelectric lift grooming tub

4 stars

Size: (of tub) 48" x 24" x 15" approx.

Materials: Medical grade stainless steel

Positions: Plumbing left or right

This electric lifting tub from ComfortGroom is constructed from medical-grade 304 stainless steel which is a healthy 1.35mm thick. It has a simple but neat design which can support up to 150 lbs. It doesn’t have a door, unfortunately, but due to its adjustable height (24” to 52”) larger dogs should be able to board directly at its lowest elevation, or via the addition of a simple step or ramp. The welded side splash panels are easy to assemble on to the frame and each come with 4” faucet setup holes. Also included is a stainless steel hair strainer, shampoo caddy and a boosting deck for smaller dogs. Other very reassuring inclusions are a one year motor warranty and a lifetime structural warranty! This is a new tub on the marketplace and as such there is little feedback at this time. All we can say is that it’s set at a fair price and judging by the reviews of the other high-end products ComfortGroom sell, this grooming tub looks to be a very promising prospect!

Flying Pig Professional Grooming Tubflying pig dog grooming tub

4.5 star

Size: (of tub) 50" x 24" x 20"

Size: (frame at max. height) 50" x 26.25" x 68"

Materials: Stainless steel

Positions: Door left; plumbing right

This is a fifty inch wide professional pet grooming tub from Flying Pig who sell high-end dog baths and accessories. The structure of this particular tub is fashioned from rust-resistant 16-gauge stainless steel. The back and side-splashes (which include waterproof seals) can be removed for better access if needed. The height of the tub can be adjusted to suit the groomer with the aid of the electric lift (up to 220 lbs). The range is from 32" to 46" and so this should suit most people's backs! Helping even further to this end is an easily adjustable 2-piece floor grate which can act as high and low shelves if required. This great versatility means that both large and small dogs can be catered to. This product, as you would expect with a professional dog grooming tub, comes with a whole host of extras such as a faucet, hoses, an auxiliary sprayer and a sealed door. Also included is a drain kit with a flexible hose and a fur trap, a shampoo rack, and an adjustable (and detachable) stainless steel overhead arm with restraining loops. The Flying Pig is a good, solid product. It is strong, versatile and convenient. A well thought out design with all the extras that both dog and groomer could need!

Master Equipment PolyPro Liftpolypro lift dog grooming tub

4 star

Size: (of whole) 58" x 30.75" x 49.5"

Materials: Polypropylene and steel

Positions: Door left

This electric lift grooming tub comes in a shade of purple that might not be to everybody’s tastes (other colors are available!) but it is, nevertheless, a popular product. There’s very little information about it, unfortunately, on the product page and so we shall provide more details here. As the name suggests the tub itself is constructed with polypropylene – a solid, dense material. The range in height is from 32 to 50 inches approximately, and the foot-operated electric lift (powder-coated steel X-frame) can support a weight of up to 220 pounds. The door simply slides up and out to help with the loading of larger dogs and comes with a removable platform for the bathing of smaller pets. The design also includes a shampoo bottle holder, an overhead grooming arm with two restraining loops, and a 78 inch drainage hose. The tub is both rust and stain resistant and, being moulded from polypropylene, is lighter than most stainless steel tubs and its design allows better access than most too. For an electric lift grooming tub we think the price is very fair. A very affordable professional quality product.

Master Equipment Pro Dog Tubsteel lift dog grooming tub

4 star

Size: (of tub) 46" x 24" x 15"

Size: (of whole) 48" x 26" x 51"

Materials: 16/19 gauge stainless steel

Positions: Plumbing left

This is one of the cheaper lifting tubs for dogs out there but, although the price is good, do bear in mind the cost of additional plumbing apparatus which are needed to complete the setup. For the plumbing, three 1” holes provide a choice of either 4 or 8” hook-ups, and the drain has been drilled to 3.25”. The tub itself is made from a good 16-gauge 304 stainless steel whilst the sides and backsplash are fashioned from 19-gauge. The caulking used is mold-resistant silicone which should give the bath long-lasting, watertight seals and additional rivets hold the design together firmly. The black H-shaped lifting frame sits in contrast to the silver-colored tub and has a nice hammertone finish. The frame can lift the tub (via simple up and down foot pedals) from 25.5” up to 41.5” and therefore provides a good range for the groomer. This tub, even after being fitted with the relevant plumbing, is at reasonable price. It might not be as pretty as some of the other grooming tubs out there, but it does the job well enough (Although we feel the lack of a door will be a problem for hounds of a certain size - too big to carry in, but too small to step in!). It comes with 4 restraint loops built into the backsplash and also includes a free shampoo rack and a platform for when bathing smaller dogs.

Fibreglass Pet Electric Lift Tubfibreglass pet elevation dog grooming tub

3 star
(3 stars pending more info.)
(Currently Unavailable)

Size: (of tub) 64" x 32" x 16.5"

Size: (of whole) 65.5" x 37" x 35.8" (raised 56")

Materials: Fiberglass

Positions: Door center

Dog grooming tubs do not get much classier than this! This elegant European-style design sees a rounded-corner fiberglass tub on top of a foot-operated electric lift. The lift can support up to 220 pounds and has a great height range of between 30 and 56 inches. The lifting mechanism is built with a typical ‘H’ shaped base with a double  ‘X’ shaped frame above for support. The fiberglass tub is, of course, rust resistant and does not tarnish either. It has a non-slip bottom and a central door which converts into steps for even easier dog-loading. Also included are several recesses for bottles and brushes etc. This is a real high-end product! It does make loading and lifting a dog as convenient as possible and it would sit well inside a stylish dog grooming salon. But is it worth the expense? In our opinion: not quite. It’s a wonderful, clean-looking product but the lack of useful extras such as additional height racks for smaller dogs and restraining gear (that many cheaper dog tubs include) make it seem a little overpriced to us. Having said that, we do love its style! We’ll give it 3 stars until we know more!

Tubs with Steps

Master Equipment Bathpro Pet Tubmaster equipment bathpro grooming tub

5 star

Size: (of tub) 43" x 18" x 18"

Size: (of whole) 54.75" x 29" x 34"

Materials: ABS plastic

Positions: Door left; plumbing rear

A nice-looking dog grooming tub made from easy-to-clean ABS plastic which is both durable and, of course, rust-resistant. Another advantage with this moulded plastic is the absence of any sharp edges that some steel tubs suffer with. The Bathpro is a neat, unpretentious design that provides easy solutions for common tub problems: a pull-out step (as shown in the picture) helps with loading a large dog on board; an open back makes for easy plumbing-in; and a removable platform which elevates smaller pets is just another of the tub’s simple, but effective, design features. Also included is a 72 inch spray hose with three intensity levels and a handy temperature control handle. The Bathpro's weight capacity is a good 250 pounds. Reviews are few at the time of writing but the marks are high. There is some criticism, however, over the lack of decent instructions. Overall, though, a well-received product so far!

Groomer’s Best Dog Bathing Tubgroomer tub with steps

3.5 star

Size: (whole) 49.5" x 24.5" x 48" To  49.5" x 24.5" x 58"

Materials: Coated Stainless steel

Positions: Door/steps right; plumbing left

Built from 18 gauge polished stainless steel, this dog grooming tub comes in a choice of two sizes (48” and 58”), and in a choice of two color schemes: Black (pictured); and almond. Both of these color coatings are scratch resistant. The steps are a nice convenient feature. After facilitating a dog’s loading, they can simply be pushed back and out of the way, and then pulled out again when the bathing session is over. When they are in the ‘out’ position they lock into place, ensuring a solid, still walkway for the pet both before and after bathing. The tub comes with several included features but not everything you’ll need to make the tub functional. The ‘optional’ (we say ‘necessary’!) extras that can be bought separately include a plumbing kit and a hair trap. A bottle holder and floor grate can also be added. What this dog tub does include is a raised tray for smaller breeds, restraining hooks and leg-levelers. We like the look of this tub but for the money we would have liked to have seen all of the extras included! As a result we can really only award this product 3.5 stars.

Cheaper Alternatives

Booster Bath and Steps Combocost effective grooming tub

4 stars

Size: (of tub) 50" x 21.25" x 15"

Size: (of whole) 50" x 26" x 32.25"

Materials: Heavy duty UV stabilized plastic

Positions: Opening with adjoining steps (if required)

An option to give your dog some of the benefits of a pro grooming tub without the price! The Booster Bath is one of the bestselling dog tubs for home use on the market. You can find other sizes of this popular pet bath on our ‘Domestic’ page. Here, however, is the X-Large version which is available with or without a set of steps. The steps, obviously, make loading a big pet much easier - without putting any strain on the owner’s back as he or she attempts to carry the dog on board! It’s also fairer on the pet as it can reach its goal in incremental stages, possibly avoiding a struggle that a sudden lift might provoke! The bath itself, as mentioned before, is very highly rated. And the combo comes with a good array of extras such as a fan spray nozzle, three-point restraints and a directional drainage hose amongst other things. A pro stainless steel tub will, of course, stand up better to heavy, daily use. But if it’s only on occasion that a furry friend of yours needs his or her coat cleaned then this set up is a viable and much more cost-effective option! For a similar take on an affordable grooming tub check out the ‘Flying Pig’ below.

Cheap Grooming Tubs?affordable grooming tub

(Currently Unavailable)

Size: (of tub) 36" x 14" x 17"

Size: (of whole) 48.5" x 23.5" x 36"

Materials: Heavy duty UV protected plastic

Positions: Door and ramp opposite drain

Flying Pig feature on this page several times. The reason for this is that they sell high-end grooming tubs which are both affordable and well-received. But they also stock one of the most popular domestic dog tubs on the market – indeed, the best-selling from our site! They have recently released an updated and larger version of their domestic tub, one configuration of which also includes a ramp. Now, this heavy duty plastic tub might look a little out of place next to its stainless steel counterparts on this page, but considering Flying Pig's pedigree and its comparatively very low price we thought it might be a good option for groomers who can’t afford, or can’t fit in, a big, expensive dog bath. The product itself is simple and straightforward: a heavy duty, UV protected plastic tub sits upon strong stainless steel legs with levelers. A slot-in door opens adjacent to the ramp, both of which help with loading larger animals. For smaller pets a simple platform is included to raise them up to a more back-friendly height! Also included are a simple drain and stopper, three grooming hooks and a shampoo-bottle caddy. As mentioned above, this is a new product on the market. But we are hopeful that Flying Pig have come up with yet another fine product at a very affordable price!

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