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Grooming Tables for Home or Professional Use

Pet grooming, of course, isn't just about bathing and so we've created this page which is dedicated purely to the dog grooming table. Many aspects of pet care, cleaning or coat-cutting are made much more convenient at a good height for the owner and/or groomer. A good table will save you time, effort and a bad back!

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Adjustable Height Grooming Tables

Fixed Height Tables

Precision Pet Professionalprecision pet grooming table

The ‘Precision Pet Professional Series’ grooming table is available in three sizes, the largest being 48 inches (pictured). The table top is constructed from solid, waterproof plywood and is covered with a non-slip, ribbed vinyl that, along with a molded vinyl surround is very easy to keep clean. The surfaces and sides of the tables have been designed to prevent any possible snagging with no exposed screws or bolts and with smooth edges. The tops sit on heavy duty welded legs which can withstand a lot of weight compared to each tables’ size. The grooming arm can be positioned anywhere around the circumference of the table and locks into place with a side clamp. On the larger tables the included loop is extra wide. The Precision Pet may not be the cheapest available pet grooming table but the customer reviews are excellent!

Master Equipment Versa Competition Tabledog competition grooming table

Sitting upon an ‘X’ frame with non-slip feet this small but stable competition table folds up and out quickly for easy transport and setup. The frame is built from powder-coated steel, making it both robust and hardwearing. The table top has a polypropylene, paw print pattern embossed up its surface which is both easy to clean and non-slip. Included is a free, adjustable grooming arm and loop. The size is definitely designed with the smaller pooches in mind with a table area of 23.5” by 17.5”. The height is 28.5” and the frame can support up to 50 lbs. Overall, this is a simple but safe competition table but just may be a little too short for some owners. For others, however, it seems to be a good buy: the reviews are predominately very good thus far! The versa is currently available in three colors: black; blue and purple (pictured).

Small Pet Revolving Grooming Tablerotating grooming table for small dogs

One for the little guys and girls! This revolving table from Master Equipment is available, at the time of writing, in three colors (black, purple and blue - pictured). The prices do vary a little between these colors. As you can see, the product is designed to sit upon an already existing platform in order to give it a workable height. But once the platform and pooch is in place, the revolving, non-slip, 18” diameter table makes the grooming of the little one much easier. At the base there are rubber studs to prevent the whole product from slipping around and offering more stability. The weight of the dog provides traction to the table and anchors it in place until you want to rotate it. The square three-quarter inch, adjustable grooming arm can range between 16.25” and 23.5” in height and comes with a color-coordinated grooming loop. An attractive powder-coated Hammertone finish completes the look. There are currently hundreds of very positive reviews and the prices are encouraging also! A great product for the diminutive dog!

Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Tablequirky pet grooming table

This is another popular product from ‘Flying Pig’. This grooming table is available in a choice of three surface colors: blue; black; and orange (pictured), and each of these are also available in three sizes ranging between 32” x 21” and 44” x 24”. The 1” thick table top is bone-shaped which might seem a little superfluous when considering its function but, on the other hand, is a fun feature which does make it stand out from the more typical rectangular tables on the market! The non-slip rubber surface continues the doggy theme with an embossed bone pattern! Fun aside, the frame is constructed from a sensible and sturdy stainless steel frame which can support up to 330 lbs across all sizes. A good quality, foldable grooming arm and noose are included along with non-skid feet and a utility shelf. With the latter removed the table can be folded flat for storage. Overwhelmingly excellent reviews say much more than we could ever express here!

Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Tablesgo pet grooming tables3

The Go Pet Club dog grooming table is currently available in four sizes, ranging from 30” to 48” in length. It’s an extremely popular and well-received grooming table and this is almost certainly down to the choice of dimensions and their respective reasonable prices! But the quality of the build should not be ignored either. Strong goalpost-style legs (with rubber-capped feet) support a pebbled, non-slip, waterproof table top which is also static-free. In turn, this sits upon a sturdy wooden base and all is edged with a deluxe aluminum alloy. An adjustable grooming arm can reach up to 40” in height and all can be easily folded down and disassembled for convenient storage or transport. As hinted at earlier, reviews are both numerous and very positive with hundreds of 5-star ratings!

Pingkay Pet Tablespigkay dog grooming tables

Standing on very sturdy stainless steel goalpost-style legs the ‘Pingkay’ grooming table is available in three sizes which range from 30” to 48”. All come with adjustable grooming arms to match these tables’ sizes along with high weight-bearing capacities. The table’s design is foldable and comes with a non-slip, static-free surface and is trimmed with an aluminum edging. Also included, along with the obligatory adjustable grooming arm and noose, is a mesh utensil tray which is a nice little extra to have.  In many ways this product is very similar to the ‘Go Pet Club’ grooming table above but, if anything, the prices are even more competitive and, even though there are fewer reviews, the proportion of top scores is higher at this time! In short: another table that’s certainly worthy of consideration!

Large Foldable Tablebuy large grooming table

This grooming table is from ‘Flying Pig’, a company who are dotted about our dog bath pages with various well-received designs for pet tubs. But it seems that their talents don’t end with the purely bathing aspects of dog grooming – they can also deliver on table too! This large (supersize) table of theirs is built from rust-resistant stainless steel and can hold up to very healthy 330lbs. It comes with a heavy duty, adjustable grooming arm, restraint loop and basket shelf. The design also has non-skid feet and a non-slip rubber surface with an attractive bone design embossed upon it. And, of course, the whole product is foldable. Another nice little extra is a choice of three colors. Reviews are outstanding for this product, and so if you’re looking for a solid, large dog grooming table, this one should be near the top of your list!

BestPet Dog Grooming Tablebasic dog grooming table

The BestPet One of the cheaper grooming tables available on the market, but one which has also received good reviews. This table is easy to assemble and take down and has a fair surface area of 36” x 24” which is topped by ribbed rubber to prevent slipping. It is also waterproof. The whole unit measures 36” x 24” x 33” and has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. An adjustable arm can be raised up to 33” and suspends a nylon restraining loop. The BestPet is a good, solid grooming table for the money. It may not have all the bells and whistles that some of its more expensive rivals have but it copes pretty well!

Adjustable Height Tables

Adjustable Height Grooming Tablesadjustable grooming tables

A range of tables from ‘Master Equipment’ spanning several different sizes and, of course, several different heights – from 24” to 34.5”. Heavy duty clamps with tension-adjuster screws log the chrome and electroplated legs securely in place which, with the help of locking pins, can be adjusted in one inch increments. The table top has a plywood core topped with a non-slip vinyl and edged with aluminum. The weight-bearing capacity across the whole range is a healthy 200 lbs. As you can tell by the picture, these tables don’t come with grooming arms and are built more with show-dogs in mind. The tables can be easily folded for storage or transport, making them ideal towards this end also. Reviews are predominantly excellent!

Z-Lift Ultra Low Electric Grooming Tablelow electric lift groomer table

As the name suggests, this dog grooming table can lower itself down to a very reasonable height for most dogs to board comfortably – just 12” (its maximum height is 42”). This neat design has a very healthy 400lb weight limit and a table measuring 42” x 24” making it suitable for all but the largest dogs. The table top itself is both removable (for cleaning purposes) and lockable and is made from a high density, waterproof board with a non-slip, pebbled surface. A vinyl trim keeps the outside edge neat and a foam layer underneath gives a little more give and comfort to the dog on top. A popular item with good reviews which also boasts a 2 year warranty on the electric motor and a lifetime warranty on the frame!

Go Pet Electric Grooming Tableelectric grooming table

This Go Pet grooming table is proving popular at this time and, due to its affordability, it could suit both a pro groomer as well as a pet owner who has enough room to spare. For both groomer and owner the electric lift will save strain on the back from lifting pets and being able to adjust the height (21.5” to 41.3”) for a more comfortable grooming session! The very stable Z-lift mechanism sits upon an H-shaped base and the whole table design (36” x 23.6”) comes fully assembled, complete with an aluminum alloy linings and anti-static non-slip surface. Also included are a clamp-on, adjustable grooming arm and leash. Predominantly great reviews also accompany the Go Pet!

Flying Pig Hydraulic Grooming Tablehydraulic dog grooming table

This heavy duty table from Flying Pig sits upon a sturdy ‘Z’ shaped lifting frame which in turn is supported by an ‘H’ shaped base. Both the frame and base are constructed from sturdy steel which, when coupled with four leg-levelers, provide a still and stable platform for the grooming work to be carried out. The foot-operated lift offers smooth height adjustment and raises or lowers the rubber-covered non-slip table from 19.5” up to 39.75”. The dimensions of the table itself are 43.5” X 23.5”. Included is a stainless steel adjustable grooming arm and loop plus warranties on both the frame and hydraulic pump. At the time of writing only a few reviews are in but are very good apart from some concern about the grooming arm’s strength. But, overall, considering the price and the maker, we feel this might become quite a popular product.