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Domestic dog tubs for owners that prefer the home environment to bathe their pets. These affordable, portable dog bath tubs offer simple and convenient approaches to bathing dogs at home. These items are much more suitable than the average domestic bath, shower or sink for giving your furry friends their regular clean, keeping the splashes separate and on a level more friendly to your back!

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Standing Boat Folding Tub for Dogsfolding pet bath

5 stars

Size: (of tub) 32" x 11" x 17.8"

Size: (of whole) 35" x 39.8" x 17.8"

Materials: Heavy duty PVC and Aluminum

This new innovative tub could be one of the most convenient dog bathing solutions out on the market for small to small/medium-sized pets. It features a good many attributes that are very welcome in a dog bath not least, of course, its foldaway design! It folds open as easily as closed and is also lightweight (10.9 lbs), the sturdy frame being made of aluminum, making it easy to transport and store. As well as great portability the Standing Boat boasts a directional draining hose and stopper, 3 restraining loops for use with a suitable harness/collar and a handy side pocket. More obvious advantages with a tub like this is are the 360 degree accessibility and the height, both of which will take some strain off of the back of the owner (the legs can be removed if desired to make the unit lower for tabletop bathing etc.). The heavy duty PVC base is supported by clad boarding for rigidity, but if you have any concerns over your dog's nails puncturing the material we suggest the addition of a simple rubber mat for extra resilience. We like this bath a lot although it's the early days of its release. Reviews, so far, are encouraging!

Dog Pool Bath?bath or pool for dogs

3.5 stars

Sizes: 31" x 20" x 8" To 43" x 27" x 12"

Materials: Heavy Duty PVC Lined

It was difficult to know where to place this one: it would fit well on our dog pool page, but it works here also on the small dog tub page – so we obviously decided on the latter! The fact is that it could work well for both uses making it a nice, versatile product. It’s currently available in a couple of colors and in three sizes which adds further to its scope of possible dogs and owners. The pool, if we call it that, is of the non-inflatable type which makes it a little more convenient to fold away and stow when not in use. It is built from a heavy PVC material and features a simple twist-cap drain on one side for dispersing with (most) of the water after use. With the right conditions it’s possible that one or more of the sizes could be used inside the home, but check the relative dimensions of the tubs before you buy.

X-Large Pet Grooming Tubcheap large dog washing tub

45 stars
(Score based on previous release)

(of tub) 36" x 14" x 17"

Size: (of whole) 48.5" x 23.5" x 36"

Materials: Stainless steel with UV protected plastic

Positions: Door and ramp (optional) opposite drain 

If you're looking for a large dog tub then this bath, currently being sold by 'Midlee', could be the answer. It features a heavy duty plastic tub sat upon sturdy stainless steel legs - similar but larger than those further down this page. This tub is likely to be a rebadged model which was formerly sold by 'Flying Pig' which was receiving very good reviews before it was discontinued (hence our score above). There have been some sensible modifications made on this new larger-scale tub to accommodate bigger pets whilst still being friendly to our smaller furry friends. Apart from increasing the overall size, a slot-in door has been included which, when removed, can help with the loading of bigger dogs (a ramp version of the same tub is also available to make this task even easier - look down on the product page to buy with this option included). A simple non-slip platform is also included to raise up the more diminutive dogs out there for their bath times, and other little extras include a drain and stopper, three grooming hooks and a shampoo holder. This version of the product is new to the market and, as yet, has not received much feedback. Our hope is, however, that this newly badged tub performs as well, and ends up as highly rated, as its predecessor!

Small Dog Bath Tubsmall domestic dog bath tub

45 stars

(of whole) 31.55" x 17.3" x 8.7"

Materials: PP and TPE

This innovative bath for small dogs is available in a choice of three bright colors (blue (pictured), green and pink). The clever, space-saving design incorporates a folding leg mechanism which supports a tub that pops into shape and back again when not in use. This means that the whole bath can be basically folded flat and transported or stowed away very easily. A simple button enables the legs to fold and a plug at one end of the tub allows for easy drainage. The product looks great but may not be the cheapest solution for small dogs. Having said that, it is not the most expensive either and is certainly more suitable than an improvised bowl or a domestic sink or shower! We suspect this product may have started out as a baby bath and so the dimensions are on the smaller side - be sure to measure your dog before purchasing! There are only a few reviews at the time of writing but they are very good ones! We like the look of this bath and the convenience it offers to the small dog owner.

Flying Pig Portable Pet Bath Tubportable pet bath tub

4.5 star

(of whole) 37.25" x 19.25" x 35.25"

Materials: Plastic tub on a stainless steel frame

This portable pet tub from Flying Pig seems to be their own take on the popular Booster Bath listed further down this page. We've, of course, seen Flying Pig's high-end products before in the form of professional grooming tubs, and so we were happy to see them aiming an item towards the more domestic dog-bathers out there! The bath is available in both light blue (see below for royal blue) and white colors and is built to take small to medium-sized animals (up to 150 pounds). The durable plastic tub sits upon a sturdy, but lightweight, leg assembly which can be leveled to cope with uneven floors. Like the aforementioned Booster Bath, it comes with a drain hose for easier emptying via a simple plug hole. The design also boasts three restraining eyelets, built-in bottle holders and a paw print-patterned non-slip floor. The product is a simple one but we liked it when we saw it. It doesn't have the extras which the Booster Bath has available for it such as a fan nozzle, but it is at a competitive price for a raised dog tub. Nothing works like simplicity and, despite the lack of extras, we are happy to award it four and a half stars!

Domestic Dog Tub in Royal Bluedog bath for home use

This is another color version of the Flying Pig domestic dog tub above - this time in a rather attractive Royal Blue (Light Blue and White options via the link above). All the same features apply as below and, unsurprisingly, with only the color that’s changed, the reviews are equally as excellent! The only things that might differ a little occasionally are the prices and so it might be worth checking out both links! But whatever color this dog bath comes in it rates very highly!

Booster Bathmedium sized booster bath for dogs

4 star

Sizes: (of tub) 33" x 16.75" x 10" To 45" x 21.25" x 15"

Materials: Polypropylene and rubber

Available in a couple sizes (and colors), the Booster Bath's design is a step up from a very basic dog bath. This low-priced, snap-together item is a well-received product and is receiving good reviews. The polypropylene legs attach to and support the base of the dog tub at around 23” above the floor – the top rim of the tub comes in at around 32”. It should be noted, therefore, that if are quite tall in stature some bending may still be required. That said, the design does allow fairly good 360 degree access – the legs do splay out a little, but stability dictates that this should be so. The product comes with many features such as: a fan nozzle; a rubberized mat and feet; a shampoo caddy and adjustable restraints. The restraints work well but may have to be adapted slightly for very small dogs. The tub also comes with a directional draining hose. This is an important feature to point out because, as you may have noticed in the picture, the tub has only three full sides! The idea is that the missing side helps with loading the dog on board and the dirty water is supposed to drain away rather than collect in the tub. Because of this, one could argue that it’s not really a dog bath at all – more of a canine shower cubicle! Even so, as mentioned before, people on the whole are very happy with this system. It's a much more affordable product than advanced stainless steel tubs and is great for occasional home use!


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An X-large version is also available with or without steps via our Grooming Tub page

Scrub A Dub Pet Tubscrub a dub pet bathing system

5 star

Size: 24" x 44" x 17"

Materials: HDPE

Made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) this dog tub is of a simple, but robust, one-piece design. As you can see from the picture, the tub has three high sides and a fourth recessed one to allow easy entry for the doggy bather. The product boasts a few basic but nice extras such as a screened drain, a faucet adapter, a shower head, a restraint eyelet and a hose! A grooved base also gives the dog some grip. There’s nothing wrong with the product – it is what it is! But, of course, by its nature it does impose some limitations. If you’re happy kneeling on the floor to bathe your dog, or don’t mind bending a long way down, all is well. After all, you may already do the same in the family bathroom, and while this dedicated dog tub might not help your back, at least it’s more portable! It could be placed on a table to help matters of height so long as your back can then bear picking up your dog and placing him within it – unless, of course, you have a ramp or set of steps nearby! Yes, it’s basic and some thought needs to be given on how you will employ it before buying. It might not suit everyone but the few reviews so far are positive!

Stokke Small Portable Bathstokke bath

4 star

Size: 26" x 15.4" x 9.4"

Materials: Harm-free plastics

Small, portable, easily storable baths for dogs are surprisingly hard to come by considering that there is a high demand for such a product. The Stokke Flexi Bath is actually designed with babies in mind but we see no good reason why it can’t also be used by small dogs! The materials used, as you may imagine, are safe and free from any nasties. The bath already has a nonslip floor which, if needs be, could easily be reinforced against a dog's nails with the addition of a simple rubber mat. It’s the beautifully simple foldable design that makes the Stokke stand out, however. When not in use this award-winning, lightweight bath can be folded down to just 25” x 9.5” x 4” making it easy to stow or transport. The Stokke is currently available in three colors (blue, white and pink) plus a transparent version which some dogs may prefer. Reviews are generally good with just some concerns about the size not being big enough for some children. But, of course, it’s small dog’s we’re thinking of here! Even so, do check the size of the bath and your dog before buying.

Pet Gear Pup-Tubpet gear pup tub

4 star

Size: 30" x 18" x 9"

Materials: Plastic and rubber

This is a basic tub for small dogs up of up to 20 pounds in weight. The photo can also be used as a rough guide to indicate what size of pooch it can contain. Although a simple dog bath, this product does include a few convenient features in its design. The internal rubberized bottom provides a slip-proof floor for your pet whilst, in turn, rubber feet on the base help to prevent the bath slipping itself. A couple of tethers are provided for securing the more reluctant bath time dog, and the translucent plastic body (blue or pink) of the tub allows for more visibility and could help to reduce stress in some pets. The design also includes two built-in trays for holding shampoos and brushes etc. and a quick drain feature for easier emptying. The reviews for this basic bath are very positive and the product is very popular. If you need a small, simple dog tub this one, we feel, is certainly worth considering.

Portable Foldable Dog Tubfoldable dog bath

35 star

(Currently Unavailable)

Size: 39.5" x 24" x 16.5"

Materials: Steel and polyester

For a basic bath this does its job quite well. Being foldable gives it an advantage apart from the obvious easy storage capability: the dog can just be walked straight into (and out of) the tub and not have to be lifted - presuming that it is set up on the ground. A heavy-duty polyester material forms the body of the tub around a lightweight steel frame and sets up without the use of tools. A side pocket keeps any accessories that might be needed handy. It should be noted that, despite the on-page description, this portable tub doesn't include a plug for draining purposes - the water is simply released from the side after use. Apart from that, we like this simple but effective design and would only suggest the possible addition of a good quality mat at the bottom to both protect the base from nails and prevent any possibilty of slipping.

Mustee Utilatubmustee utilatub dog bath

4.5 star
(Score Based on previous older listing)

Size: (of tub) 18" x 38" x 12.5" (approx.)

Size: (of whole) 34" x40" x 24"

Materials: Steel legs with polypropylene tub

The first thing to say about this product is that it's not a dedicated doggy tub - but a product that can be utilized in all manner of different ways! That said, many people use them as simple dog tubs - and why not if it does the job well? And, apparently, it does! The design of this is beautifully simple: a one piece tub, moulded from impact-resistant polypropylene, sits on top of adjustable, heavy-gauge steel legs. The larger version (pictured) includes a swivel faucet with an extendable 24" spout and levers. The tubs are mold, mildew and stain resistant and come in multiple sizes and styles. These are very popular items and the reviews seem to be good - for whatever purpose they were employed! Do read the reviews for yourself and see if it could function as a tub for your dog. All that we would suggest is the addition of a non-slip rubber base mat and for the legs to be fixed to the floor if possible. As mentioned before there are several sizes available but we will just link to the large version below which might suit a medium-sized hound. Take a look and see what you think...

Utility Tub for Small Dogs?utility tub as a small dog bath

35 star

Size: (of tub) 18.75" x22.75" x 23.25" (approx. at top of tub)

Size: (of whole) 23.25" x 22.75" x 33.75" (exluding faucet)

We’ve covered this possible option before with the Mustee Tub above. This is a general use product designed more with the family laundry in mind rather than family pets! Of course, certain things are different to a free-standing dog tub – the plumbing for one (but, apparently, this is easy to install). In other areas, however, not only is this tub compatible as small pet bath, but it can actually be more convenient if you have the available room with the appropriate water and drainage facilities at hand. The nice feature included with many utility tubs is the pull-out / hose faucet. In this tub’s case it’s completely non-metallic and its head can be easily switched between stream and spray. This feature, as you might imagine, can make bathing the lower extremities of a dog a lot less tricky! The thermoplastic tub itself sits upon rust-proof metal legs with levelers. The overall height of the product isn’t that high, however, and so should be taken into consideration. The product comes with installation instructions and everything you need to set it up yourself – some basic plumbing know-how might be a good thing though! A highly rated item (as a utility tub) and a possible option for small dog owners.

Mustee Bigtubmustee bigtub

45 star

Size: (of tub) 24" x 40" x 12.5" (Approx.)

Size: (of whole) 24" x 40" x 34" (Approx.)

Materials: Impact-resistant polypropylene tub on steel legs

Using a utility tub as a dog tub is an option we’ve covered before on this page (scroll up for more variations on this theme). Apart from the laundry they can also function well as pet baths - providing enough space and some basic plumbing skills are available. This ‘Bigtub’ from Mustee is molded from one chunky piece of polypropylene and stands upon sturdy steel legs with levelers. The tub itself is mold, mildew and stain resistant and comes with a self-draining shelf and pre-drilled 1.5” drain hole. There are no pre-drilled holes for faucets but, of course, this does mean you, or your plumber, can make your own to fit almost any particular setup you have in mind. With enough space and a little imagination the Mustee could be employed as a good, and possibly more versatile, tub than many of the dedicated pet baths available. The reviews are excellent and the price is reasonable. If this one is not quite to your liking but you like the idea, be sure to scroll down the page for more products similar to this one.

Very Basic Tubsbasic steel tubs for dog baths

4 stars

Sizes: 11" x 8.5" x 5.5" To 42" x 23" x 11"

Materials: Dipped-steel

For those that are looking for basic baths for dogs things don’t get much simpler than this range of general purpose tubs BY ‘BEHRENS’. These strong, rust-proof, dipped-steel containers are available in a whole spectrum of sizes and quantities which can be used for all manner of things, not least, of course, for bathing pets – however, it’s best to be sure that any possible sharp fragments are dealt with first! All of these vintage-look tubs are durable, resistant to temperature changes and come with a couple of carrying handles. It’s worth giving some extra consideration to the dimensions of each particular size, firstly with your pet in mind and then secondly for storage as, obviously, these tubs are not collapsible. All things considered, these old fashioned-looking steel containers could make an attractive alternative to some of the plastic dog baths out there – for the right pet and person, of course! The reviews are both numerous and very good for their general purpose use.

Convertible Dog Grooming Kennelgrooming kennel

3 stars
(3 stars pending more info.)

Size: (of whole) 48" x 36" x 36"

Materials: Wood, metal and plastic

Need a dog house? Need a dog tub? Why not get both for the price of one? Okay, enough of the salesman clichés! Being serious, we think this is quite a neat idea – a combined kennel and dog bath. Granted – it did sound a little crazy to us at first, but when we thought about it a little harder, it did start to make more sense! Most of the time, of course, the structure acts just as a dog house: a ramp leads up to a well-insulated, double-skinned kennel and, after some comfy bedding has been installed, all seems normal. But, when bath time arrives, things literally swing into action. After the bather has been walked on board and the bedding removed, the roof hinges open and the ramp pivots up to become a door – and the dog house becomes the grooming kennel, complete with integrated pump, shower hose and drainage system!Apart from the convenience of having a dual purpose dog house, there may be other advantages also: a dog will already be comfortable within the confines of his kennel and will be less likely to become anxious taking his bath there; the kennel will be cleaned at the same time as the dog and, of course, there’ll be no more mess and mayhem within the owner’s own home! All things considered, this is a clever, innovative item which also looks neat out in the yard. It saves space, conceals its ulterior function well and, when considering the cost of a standard outdoor dog house, is reasonably priced too!

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